My trip at Port Stephens

To remind you from my previous article on Sydney. It was the first time for me to visit Australia. I went there during Christmas and New Eve. 

Arriving at Sydney, my boyfriend, some friends and I, we have decided to go outside Sydney for few days.

Port Stephens

For me, it was a Pure Adventure to visit new place. We rented car and a AirBnB place. There were about 3hours or more from Sydney. I don’t exactly remember how far it was. But enough for me to fall asleep all along the way. (haha)

What fascinated me is the architecture so Unique in Australia, I guess. It looks like some western movie with so many shops aligned on both sides.
As you probably know during Christmas time when other countries are very cold, in Australia it’s totally HOT !! Yes HOT !!! Can be up to 30degrees and more.
What a paradise for me !!!! I love hot countries… so much

Ok, back to Port Stephens area, this lovely city we visited was very cute. We rented from AirBnB a old traditionnal house at Islington.

The house, we’ve rented was very  typical and so different way of living that I used to know. Very charming. The house was very cosy and organised on lengthwise.
The decoration was minimalist and in the same time cosy and functional with natural light. We had a little garden to enjoy a good Barbecue at night. Unfortunately I don’t have photos to show how cute the house was, but here the LINK .

“I have heard that Australians love barbecue, said “barbie” in Slang Aussie =) (Yes I’m totally passionate of Australia way of life). But careful to mozzis (=Mosquito) !!”

From our house we were not so far away from the city center of Islington. We took time with my Boyfriend to make a little walk.

I have to admite, the sea in Australia was totally the most beautiful beach that I have ever seen in my life. And I visited a lot younger.
The environment was so fresh and pure. The sand so Hot because of the sun. And because we always need an opposite element in life, the water was very cold xD. COLD !! I just had the courage to enter in the water until knees, that’s all !!

I remembered,  the Wind.
The wind made us closed our eyes, because the sand hurt us, like a whip.
…Oh Man, the Light, Light surrounded us every where and magnify the nature, so Wild and Free. The sound of the waves so relaxing….

During my stay at Port Stephens, we went to different beaches, I got my first experience on Sand-board. It was pretty ok, but not the stuff that I will redo again. I will advice you to do more natural activities like accrobranche, surfing, or visit the harbour.

There is a lot of sand dune. I have never been in Sahara desert, but I have the feeling to be in Morrocco not in Australia, that’s was a funny sensation.

Back to the house, most of the time we have eaten in pretty decent restaurant with nice ambiant beer and chill.
I had good experience there, this was a very relaxing time.

On our way back to Sydney, we made a quick stop at Huntervalley. We went to a local wine degustation.
The region is known to be a winery sector, you have huge wine plot and of course lot of activities such as balloon flight, but expensive for our little budget.
Next to the winery there were a very delicious restaurent.


My boyfriend and I weren’t disappointed by the quality  and for the quantity of food ( we are a Happy-Lover-Food together). We had the chance to enjoy our lunch on the terrace always with a beautiful sun.
After the lunch we went to the restaurent to a wine degustation next to the Deck Cafe.
We bought 2 bottles of wine, Sparkling  red and white wine.

We went back Sydney. On the road, I was a little bit nostalgic, I can’t forget the strength of the light on the sea, every moments we spent with my boyfriend together…and the Food, yummy delicious =)

What to bring if you go visiting Port Stephens on summer:

  • Sunscreens higher SPF
  • Swimwear
  • Hat/Cap
  • Camera
  • Your boyfriend or group of friends
  • Positiv vibes and chill

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